This 2 bedroom/2 bath, 1850 square foot apartment would become home to my clients after a 40 year stay in their previous residence.

It was important for them to bring along certain pieces of furniture and collected artwork as an homage to the home where they raised their two Sons.

We began by choosing the pieces that were important to them but also fit the new space. Some were used "as-is" others, reupholstered and repurposed.

We opened the wall between the living space and second bedroom and installed glass sliding doors. This allowed for sunlight to pour in while uniting the two rooms.

Artwork had been collected on their many trips abroad. Both were drawn to an ethnic style mixed with modern pieces. We curated their favorite works and created a gallery wall in the den.

Many built-ins were installed to house dishware, glassware, and the their many other acquisitions.

Floors were refinished and kitchen cabinets and countertops replaced. Travel photos now line the entry hall that leads into their uniquely creative home.


 Before                                                                                                               After